Christmas Drawstring Gift Bags using Fat Quarters | Sewing Tutorial

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Reusable fabric gift wrapping is a great alternative to wrapping paper if you’re looking for a more eco-friendly alternative. This zero-waste wrapping incorporates the bag or wrap into the gift inside, making the present extra special!

From just one fat quarter pack of fabric and half a metre of cotton fabric for the lining, you can make 2 small drawstring gift bags, 1 large drawstring gift bag, a bottle bag, and 2 fabric wraps.

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Drawstring gift bags Instructions-

Small sized bag (makes two bags)


1 x fat quarter of patterned fabric

1 x fat quarter plain lining

25cm x 14cm contrast fabric

220cm ribbon

Safety pin


1. Trim selvedge off a fat quarter of fabric and make the fabric square if needed.

2. Cut the fabric into 4. You will have four pieces each measuring approx. 25cm x 22cm. This will make up the 2 bags.

3. Cut 4 lining pieces to the same size as the 4 outer pieces.

4. Cut a 2.5cm square from each bottom corner.

5. Use a contrast fabric for channel. Cut four pieces of the contrast fabric, each measuring 3.5cm x 25cm (if you're using a fat quarter pack to make these bags and the larger one, use left over fabric from bigger bag for this channel)

6. Turn the short ends over by 5mm and press.

Turn the long edges over by 5mm and press.

7. Place the strips centrally to the tops of the outer bag pieces, 4cm from the top. Sew along each long side.

TIP: reverse stitch at each ends to strengthen the seams.

8. Sew one outer piece to a lining piece right sides together along the top edge. Repeat with the other pieces.

9. Pair up the pieces and sew right sides together, leaving out the cut out corners. Leave a turning gap of about 10cm in the base of the lining for turning.

10. Pull out the corners so that the sides seams sit over the base seams and sew. This will box the corners.

11. Turn the right side out, sew the turning hole closed.

12. Push the lining inside the bag and top stitch around the top.

13. Cut the ribbon into four equal pieces.

Attach a safety pin to one end of a piece of ribbon. Thread the ribbon through the channel and knot the ends.

14. Thread a second piece of ribbon through the channel in the opposite direction and knot. Pull to close the bag.

Large bag instructions


1 fat quarter of patterned fabric

56cm x 57cm lining fabric

60cm ribbon

Safety pin


1. Trim the selvedge off the fabric and make it square if needed.

Fold the fabric in half width ways and cut to 26 x 28cm and cut 2 lining pieces to the same size. cut a 4cm square from each bottom corner.

2. Cut two strips of lining each measuring 24cm x 3.5cm, fold the short ends over by 5mm and press, then the long edges over by 5mm and press.