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How to Sew a Fold Away Quilted Blanket - Sewing Tutorial

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

This fun blanket has a pocket on the back so that you can fold it away, making it compact and easy to carry or store when not in use!

Fabric featured -

Sewing level - confident beginner/Intermediate (quilting, applique and bias binding used)

Finished size – 31 x 39.5”

Finish size folded – 11” square


What you’ll need:

12 8.5” squares of fabric

8 contrasting sash fabric strips measuring 2.5 x 8.5”

3 30” sash strips measuring 30” x 2.5”

2 side border strips measuring 2.5” x 41”

2 top and bottom border strips measuring 32” x 2.5”

33x40” Wadding

33x40” backing fabric

145” bias binding

Applique pocket-

1 square of fabric measuring 8.5”

1 square of contrasting fabric for applique shape measuring 8”

2 contrasting border strips measuring 2.5 x 8.5”

2 contrasting border strips measuring 11.5 x 2.5”

Backing fabric measuring 11.5” square

32” webbing for the strap

tools needed:

monstera leaf template (this can be printed online)



fusible adhesive sheet

basting spray (505)

Use ¼” seam allowance unless stated otherwise


1. Sew a strip of contrasting sash fabric right sides together to one square along one side.

2. Press the seam flat. Sew the next square right sides together to the strip. Open and press.

3. Repeat until you have 3 squares sewn to 2 sash strips.

4. Repeat with the remaining squares and sash strips until you have 4 panels.

5. Sew a long sash strip to the bottom edge of the first panel right sides together. Press seam flat.

6. Sew the next panel right sides together to the bottom of the sash strip. Press seam flat.

7. Repeat until all 4 panels are sewn to 3 sash strips.

8. Sew the side border strips right sides together to either side of the quilt. Press seams flat.

9. Sew the top and bottom strips right sides together to the quilt. Press the seams flat.

10. Adhere the wadding to the back of the quilt using a basting spray.

11. Adhere the backing fabric to the back of the wadding wrong sides together.

12. Quilt the quilt! Sew lines ¼” from each seam of the square create a square inside each panel. Sew diagonal lines from each corner of the squares.

13. Sew the bias binding around the entire edge of the quilt. When starting, fold the bias binding back by ½” to neaten the edge. Sew right sides together mitring the corners. Overlap the end of the bias binding. This will be hidden when folded back.