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Miffy Kids Rag Quilt and peek-a-boo cushion cover

I’ve made this quilt and cushion using the rag technique for my daughter’s bedroom. This Miffy fabric is new from Craft Cotton Company and the colours are very contemporary, so I wanted to make some room décor from it to match her grey room.

This is an easy technique and looks so fluffy and cosy without taking too much time to make.

For the quilt you’ll need:

-½ meter of fabric (for me this is grey)

-½ meter of contrasting fabric (for me this is white)

-1 meter of backing fabric

-1 meter of wadding – I used a polycotton one from Heirloom

-505 spray (optional)

-Scrubbing brush

-Star templates (I printed 2 different sizes from the internet about 5 inches and 3.5 inches)

1. Cut out eight 6-inch squares from the grey fabric and eight 6-inch squares from white fabric

2.  In rows of four, sew the squares WRONG sides together

3. Cut out a rectangle measuring 11.5 inches by 22 of the grey fabric

4. Place a strip of four squares along the long side of the rectangle wrong sides together and sew

5. Do the same on the other long side

6. Place the remaining 2 rows of four squares at the top and bottom wrong sides together and sew

7. Cut out the star shapes in the white fabric, I did 1 big star and 4 little 

8. Arrange them on the rectangle right side facing up and sew in place. Sew about ¼ inch in from the edge of the stars 

9. Cut two 33 inches by 4-inch strips from the white fabric for the border and two 29 inches by 4 inches 

10. Sew these wrong sides together around the edge of the quilt. Start with the long sides again first

11. Cut the backing fabric to the same size as the quilt 

12. Cut the wadding to an inch shorter than the quilt top and I sprayed this in place with 505 

13. Place the backing fabric on the back of the quilt and sew around the rectangle in the centre of the quilt though all layers of fabric

14. Sew around the edge of the quilt 1 inch from the edge  

15. Snip along all the raw edges on the quilt about ½ inch apart. Be careful not to cut into the seam lines 

16. Scrub these raw edges to create the rag effect until you have the desired look. This can be more exaggerated by putting the quilt in the washing machine

and this is how it will look!

For the cushion (I used a 12-inch square cushion pad) you’ll need:

-14.5 inch square of grey fabric

-14.5 inch square of white fabric

-2 pieces of grey fabric measuring 14.5 inches by 10 for the back

-Scrubbing brush

-Star template (I used one aprox. 8 inches)

1. Pin the two 14 inch square pieces of fabric together. Place the grey piece on top of the white both facing up

2. Draw the star shape on the centre of the grey fabric. Draw the lines from the centre as well (see picture)

3. Sew long the lines you have just drawn

4. Carefully cut out the centre of the points of the star about ¼ inch in 

5. Snip into the raw edges about ½ inch apart

6. Scrub these raw edges

7. For the back, fold over one long edge of each piece of fabric by ¼ inch twice and sew to create a hem 

8. Place the two rectangular pieces overlapping wrong sides together to the front of the cushion, raw edges meeting

9. Sew along the perimeter of the cushion 1 inch in

10. Snip along the raw edge around the cushion about ½ apart

11. Scrub these edges until desired effect is achieved 

And there you have the cushion to match!

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