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MIFFY Pyjama Set Tutorial Using Simplicity Pattern 8806 - Beginners Sewing Guide

I’ve made these adorable pyjamas and matching eye mask using the Simplicity pattern 8806. I’ve adapted the eye mask from a cat to a rabbit to suit the Miffy fabric and theme! Here’s a guide to using this pattern as well as step by step instructions with pictures to hopefully you’ll find it really easy to follow.

So once you’ve decided what it is you’re going to make, you’ll need to buy/make sure you have the right amount of fabric required. It states on the back of the packet how much fabric you’ll need depending on the size you’re making as well as any other extras you might need such as elastic etc.. 

1. Cutting out your pattern pieces - make sure you cut out all the pieces needed, there’s a diagram of all them all in the booklet provided (pieces given) that are numbered so you know which ones to cut out. 

TIP! - Iron these roughly cut pieces to make it easier to cut them accurately. 

2. Pin your pattern pieces to the fabric and cut out, be as precise as possible! Transfer markings from the pattern to your fabric too (notches, darts and dots)

3. making the trousers -

Sew the 2 leg pieces right sides together along the inside leg.

4. Sew the front and back pieces together around the gusset.

5. Place the pocket pieces over the transferred markings which were transferred on the side of the trousers and sew where indicated.

6. Place the front and back trouser pieces right sides together and sew along the sides, leaving a gap for the pocket openings.

7. Fold the top of the trousers over twice and sew, leave a gap over the back seam to thread the elastic through. Once threaded, sew up the hole.

8. To hem the bottom of the legs, fold the bottom of each leg over twice and sew. Turn right side out and there are the trousers!

9. Making the top- 

Firstly sew the darts into the tops of the sleeves.

10. Sew the sides of the sleeves together, then fold the cuff over twice and sew to hem.

11. Sew the two back pieces together, up to the large dot you will have transferred from the pattern. Press the seam open, and snip. (This part I found really confusing, so I may not have followed the pattern exactly!)  Fold the left hand top section along the lines and press.

12. Fold the right hand side so that it sits over the left side.

13. Sew the button holes to the right side, then the buttons to the left. (I would have left the buttons till last as it was quite difficult to sew the binding around the neck with them in place)

13. Sew the front and back pieces right sides together along the sides.

14. Turn the sleeves the right side out, place inside the top and sew, matching markings and seams.

15. Fold the hem of the top over twice and sew.

16. To make the binding for the neckline, I used shop-bought single fold bias binding, opened it out, folded in half and pressed.

17. Sew the binding right sides together to the neckline, folding the ends inwards to make them neat. I decided I liked to see the binding, so folded it around the edge of the neckline with half of it showing, and hand sewed it from the inside.