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Shabby Chic Union Jack Cushion Cover

This is a quick and easy method to make this lovely Union Jack cushion cover! You can use scrap pieces of fabric in whichever colour and print you want and fray the edges to create the 'shabby' look. I used a triple straight stitch to make them stand out but this is optional, you can use any stitch you like! Hope you enjoy making this as much as I did!

What you'll need:

· 16” x 11” cushion pad

· 40” x 24” pink spot fabric

· 18” x 8” yellow floral fabric

· 22” x 8” blue floral fabric

· 22” x 4” pink floral fabric

· Basting spray (505 spray is perfect)

·  Nail brush


· 1 rectangle of pink spot fabric measuring 17” x 12” For the cushion front.

· 2 rectangles of pink spot fabric measuring 22” x 12” for the envelope back of the cushion

· 1 strip of yellow floral fabric measuring 18” x 4”

· 1 strip of yellow floral fabric measuring 13” x 4”

· 2 strips of blue floral fabric measuring 22” x 4”

· 4 strips of pink floral fabric measuring 11” x 2”

1. Arrange the fabric strips over the top of the spot fabric in the Union Jack shape. Tear the edges of the pieces if you want a frayed effect, or wait until the cushion is made and go over the edges with a nail brush

2. Secure your blue floral fabric strips in a cross shape with 505 spray. Secure the pink floral strips over the top slightly to one side. Sew in place with a triple straight stitch

3. Place the yellow floral strips on top of the cross and sew in place using the same stitch as step 2. If you'd like to fray the edges more, use the nail brush on them until you have the desired effect.

4. Take the 2 rectangular pieces of spot fabric and fold in half, wrong sides together. Pin these right sides together with the edges of the front of the cushion, the 2 spot pieces will overlap. Sew all the way around, removing the pins as you sew. Snip across the corners and turn the right side out, Iron the whole thing and insert the cushion pad!




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