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⋆ The Witches ⋆ BeanBag Chair for Kids | How to sew |

What you'll need:

- 4 pieces of fabric measuring 44" x 15"

- A long zip (I've used 18")

- Bean bag filling (about 3 liters depending on how full you'd like it)

1. Take the 2 base pieces of fabric and pin long edges right sides together. Mark 6 inches from the bottom end and mark again at 17 inches. This will be where the zip is fitted. Sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance up to the first mark, back stitch a couple of stitches and lengthen the stitch length. Sew to the second mark, back stitch again and return the stitch length to the original and carry on sewing.

Press the seam open.

2. Glue the zip face down on the seam in between the 2 marks. Make sure the teeth are directly over the seam.

3. Top stitch from the right side of the fabric around the zip. Make sure you move the zip pull out of the way as you go so that your stitches stay straight. You may have to unpick some of the stitches to access the zip pull.

4. Use a seam ripper to undo the stiches over the teeth of the zip.

5. Sew the remaining 2 pieces of fabric right sides together along the long edge. You will now have 2 large pieces of fabric. Place these pieces right sides together, seams meeting. Mark a curve around the 2 bottom corners and cut.

6. Sew around the bottom 3 sides leaving the top open.

7. Pinch the 2 center seams at the top and pull them apart so that the side seams are now matching. Curve the corners and sew. Make sure the zip is open before sewing!

8. Turn the right side out. Fill the bean bag with filling and push it into the corners and you're done!

The base -

Fabric gifted from The Craft Cotton Company -

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