Tropical Boho Long Hexagon Quilt Instructions

Finished size –

38” x 58”

What you’ll need –

3 x Tropical Bohemian 5 fat quarter packs (you can use left over fabric to make matching cushion covers!) Shop at Dunelm

46” x 96” Backing fabric (this will include the border and plain hexagons)

42” x 60” Wadding

200” of 1” single fold binding (mine was made from the fat quarters)

Tools you’ll need -

Long hexagon template 6” (you can print these online)

Rotary cutter

Cutting mat


Basting spray (505)

Erasable fabric pen or chalk

1” bias binding maker

Hand sewing needle and thread

1/4” seam allowance used

Cutting -

Iron 5 fabrics from one set of the fat quarter packs and stack the fabric pieces on top of each other. Starting at one side, draw around the template and use a rotary cutter and ruler to cut out precisely. Try to get as many hexagons as you can from the fabric. Keep any left-over fabric for the bias binding later. Repeat with the other fat quarters until you have 63 hexagons.

Cut 28 hexagons out of the plain backing fabric in the same way.

Sewing together

1. Arrange the hexagons in the way you want them to look when the quilt is finished. (you'll need a large, flat space to do this such as a dinig table)

2. Starting from one side, place the first two hexagons right sides together and sew. Use ¼” seam allowance. Start ¼” from the top and finish ¼” from the bottom.

TIP – use a beige or light grey coloured thread with heavily printed fabric if you don’t want your stitches to stand out!

3. Open and repeat until you have the first strip. Press the seams open.

4. Repeat with the remaining strips until all the hexagons are sewn in rows.

5. Sew these strips right sides together, creating a ‘Y’ seam where the hexagons meet. Press the seam open as you go. Take your time and stop with the needle down when you turn a corner. Continue until all strips are sewn together.

6. Once all of the strip are sewn, trim back the quilt to a rectangular shape.

7. Cut 2 strips of border fabric measuring 4” x the same length as the quilt. Sew right sides together to either side of the quilt then press.