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Christmas Bauble Wreath

This is a really easy Christmas decoration you can make for your home. hang it on any door in your house or use it as a centrepiece on your dining table! You'll need baubles, a wire hanger, pliers, and any extra decoration you want to add such as tinsel or beads. It really is as easy as it looks.

The amount of baubles you'll need really depends on how full you want the wreath to look. I got different colour sets from amazon that contained about 50 or more baubles but didn't end up using that many, so I still have some spare for decorating the Christmas tree! Try to choose baubles in different sizes and textures for more depth to the wreath. You could use all the same colour baubles or as many different colours as you want depending on the theme you're going for. 

Use the pliers to open up the wire hanger, then bend the hanger into a circle shape (as best you can) try NOT to use a wire hanger with a plastic coating on it like mine has, not all baubles will fit over the plastic but luckily the white and silver ones for me did. 

Now to attach the baubles! If they have string on them then remove that before sliding the wire through the hole in the cap. If you want some of the baubles to hang down lower, leave a few of the strings on the baubles and thread the wire through the string instead so they hang down. Alternate between sizes and textures so they are spread evenly. Slide the baubles along the wire into the right position you want them, you'll be able to see how they will look and how full you want to make the wreath. 

If you plan on moving the wreath or want the baubles to be extra secure, use a hot glue gun to secure the caps on the baubles. This is a little bit more time consuming but definitely worth it... I made my white and silver wreath at home, put it in a bag and drove to my parents to make the others. Once I got there and went to show them what I've done, all the baubles had fallen off into the bag bar 3 of them...! 

Once the wreath is full, carefully wrap the wire back around itself using the pliers to secure it.

Now for the fun bit, once you're happy with the baubles you can add accessories! I found that this helped fill any gaps I had and hid the wire at the top well. 

For the blue wreath I wanted a flamboyant, peacock colour scheme so I attached peacock feathers, wrapped beads around it and added a big sequin flower to the top. All of which I got from a garden centre!

For the white and silver wreath, I wrapped silver tinsel around it and pushed it in between the baubles to make the wreath look full. I also added a the wing decoration to the top because you could still see some of the wire and it was a nice way to finish it off! I keep the brown wreath quite simple and only added some fairy lights to it as this was going to be a centrepiece on the table.  

Let me know if you've made one of these before or plan on doing so! I love how personalised you can make them and really match it to your Christmas colour scheme perfectly!


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