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How to sew a simple Christmas Bottle Bag for gifting - reusable gift bags

Reusable fabric gift bags are a great alternative to wrapping paper if you’re looking for a more eco-friendly alternative this Christmas. This zero-waste wrapping incorporates the bag/wrap into the gift inside, making the present extra special!

From just one fat quarter pack of fabric and half a metre of cotton fabric for the lining, you can make 2 small drawstring gift bags, 1 large drawstring gift bag, a bottle bag, and 2 fabric wraps.

This tutorial is how to make the bottle bag.

Click here to see the drawstring bags tutorial.

Finished size:

15 x 35 x 6cm

Use 5mm seam allowance


34 x 41cm outer fabric

34 x 41 lining fabric

34 x 41cm fusible fleece

Erasable fabric pen and tape measure

1. Cut two pieces of outer fabric and two of lining each measuring 17cm x 41cm.

2. Take one outer piece and mark the centre line from the top to 14cm down.

3. Measure and mark 4cm from the centre top, draw a curved line from this point to the side to create the handle.

4. Fold in half and cut the same shape from the opposite side. Use this as a template to cut the same shape from the remaining pieces.

Cut a 2.5cm square from the bottom corners of each piece.

5. Fuse fleece to the wrong sides of the outer pieces. Sew the outer pieces right sides together across the top. Sew the lining pieces together in the same way.

6. Place the outer and lining pieces right sides together, sew around the curved handle edges. Snip into the seams.

7. Turn the right side out.

8. Fold so that the outer pieces are right sides together and sew, leaving the cut-out corners unsewn. Repeat with the lining pieces, this time leave a turning gap of about 6cm in one side.

9. Pull open the cut-out corners so that the side seams sit over the bottom seams and sew to box the corners.

10. Turn right side out and sew the turning hole in the lining closed. Push the lining into the bag to finish.

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