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Christmas Present Place Mats and Table Runner | How to Sew

Here's a step by step guide to make your own Christmas presents place mat which you can make into a table runner and even coasters to match! The fabric I've used is the new 'A Christmas Tail' collection from Craft Cotton Company that was designed by Debbie Shore. I love this collection because its a story of the mice on Christmas eve and what they get up to before the big day, Debbie wrote the story herself! 

This Christmas project is great for beginners and is an easy way to decorate your table around the festive period! Alternatively, you could use bright fabrics instead and use as table decorations for a birthday party.

I've made a video tutorial on how to make the table runner. It is the same steps as the place mat but obviously joined together., so take a look at that if you'd like to see how it's made -

What you'll need for the place mat: 

14.5" x 10.5" of -

top fabric

backing fabric 

fusible fleece - use thermal fleece of you plan to put hot plates on these mats for extra protection

for the contrast ribbon -

2" x 14.5" strip 

2" x 10.5" strip

for the contrast bow -

2" x 9" strip 

2" x 4" strip 

How to make:

1. Cut out all the pieces you'll need as stated above.

2. Fold long edges of all the contrasting strips by approx. 1/4 inch and press. (fold twice if you'd prefer)

3. Sew the 2 long strips on to the top fabric in the position you want the ribbon to be. I placed mine off centre.

4. Top stitch down both long edges of the strips of fabric which will be the bow.

5. Fold the short edges of the 9" strip back to meet in the centre and tack (small stitch to hold in place.) 

6. Wrap the 4" strip around the middle of the bow you just made. You can pull this slightly tighter to make the bow more 3D or keep flat if you want a more even base to put plates on. Trim back any excess fabric.  

7. Sew the bow in place on the mat. I've placed it over the cross where the ribbon meets. Sew over the top stitching to keep it looking neat. 

8. Place the backing fabric on top of the place mat, right sides together, and sew. Leave a gap in the bottom for turning.

Snip off the corners, making sure not to cut through the stitches. When it is turned out the corners will be less bulky.  

9. Turn the place mat right sides out, making sure to push all the corners through. Give the mat a good press with a hot iron to flatten. Fold the opening in and press so that when you top stitch, the opening will be sewn closed. 

10. Top stitch around the entire mat to finish. Sew close to the edge to make sure you sew the opening closed.

And that's your finished mat! Make these in any size and colour you like, you could make 5" square ones for coasters too.

Happy Sewing!



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