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Crafting the Perfect Bunny Ears Easter Headband: A Step-by-Step Sewing Tutorial

Updated: Jan 14

Sew up a cute headband for little ones this Easter. This fun, crafty project is a great for using up small pieces of fabrics and is perfect for egg hunts, parties or just dressing up! There’s florist wire inside the ears giving them stability and they can be bent at different angles. The foliage from faux leaves and the lace ties creates a pretty, bohemian-style headband the kids will love to wear (and adults alike!)

Download the free ears template here -

Bunny Ears Easter Headband Pattern
Download ZIP • 218KB

Print to 100% scale and cut out the 2 shapes before starting.

Fabric featured in this project – Peter Rabbit ‘Home Grown Hoppiness’ by The Craft Cotton Company

What you’ll need:

36 x 18cm Outer ear fabric – I’ve used a plain cream cotton

37 x 18cm fusible wadding – I’ve used Vlieseline H640

37 x 22cm Inner ear and band fabric – I’ve used Peter Rabbit cotton

14 x 18cm fusible adhesive sheet – I’ve used Bondaweb

100cm Ribbon or crochet lace for the ties

2 x 50cm lengths of florist wire

Faux flowers and leaves to decorate – I’ve used foliage from a garland

Hot glue gun


Hand sewing needle and thread


1. Cut 4 of the outer ear using the template.

Cut 2 of the inner ear using the template.

Cut 2 pieces of wadding using the outer ear template.

Cut 2 strips of fabric measuring 37 x 4cm

Cut 1 piece of wadding measuring 37 x 4cm

2. Fuse the wadding to the back of 2 outer ear shapes with a hot iron. Fuse the strip of wadding to the back of one strip of fabric.

3. Fuse the Bondaweb to the back of the 2 inner ear pieces.

4. Peel the backing off the inner ears and place to the centre of each outer ear piece. Sew around the edges using a small zigzag stitch to neaten.

5. Place the back outer ear piece to the front right sides together. Sew with a 5mm seam allowance leaving the bottom open. Turn the right side out and press.

6. Bend the florist wire into the shape of the ear. Push the wire through the hole and mould to the edges.

7. Twist the ends of the wire together. Trim off any excess wire and tuck the ends inside the ear. Repeat with the second ear.

8. Hand sew the end of the ears closed.

9. Sew the long strips right sides together along one long edge. Pin the ribbon or lace to the short ends of one of the headband strips facing inwards.

10. Tuck the lace/ribbon inside the fabric strip and sew right sides together around all 4 edges, leaving a small turning gap in the bottom. Be careful not to sew the lace into the seam.

11. Turn right side out and press. You can use the ties to help pull the headband right side out. Hand sew the opening closed.

12. Find the centre of the headband by folding in half and using a pin to mark the centre point. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the ears either side of that centre point.

13. Arrange the foliage on the headband underneath the ears. Once happy with the placement, use a hot glue gun to secure in place.


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