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Sew Your Own Stylish A5 Notebook Cover with a Pen Pocket: A Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: Jan 14

Decorate your notebook with this useful cover! There is a pen pocket on the side with a button closure as well as a pocket on the inside. This cover is padded giving you're notebook that added protection as well as adding personality!

The fabric featured in this tutorial is my brand new Forest Journal collection. The designes I've used are Cosy Library and Forest Patchwork. I've used a lace trim down the spine of the cover giving it a home-made feel.

This tutorial is for an A5 notepad cover or book.

What you’ll need to cut for an A5 notepad:

13.5"x9.5" outer cover fabric (cosy library)

13.5"x9.5" cover lining fabric (forest patchwork)

Spine - 4"x9.5" Strip of fabric (forest patchwork)

Pen pocket - 2.5"x4.5" outer fabric (forest patchwork) 2.5"x4.5" lining fabric

Inside left flap - 5"x9.5“ outer and 5"x9.5” lining (cosy library)

Inside right flap - 4"x9.5" outer and 4"x9.5” lining (cosy library)

Pocket - 5"x5" outer and 5"x5" lining (forest patchwork)

Lightweight wadding (I've used Vlieseline H630)

2 strips of lace trim measuring 10"

1 Elastic bungee (I've used a hair tie)

1 Button

Chalk pen and ruler

Basting spray (I've used Odif 505)


Use 1/4" seam allowance


1. Adhere wadding to the back of the outer cover piece. Adhere wadding to the back of the two lining flap pieces.

2. Using a chalk pen, draw diagonal lines 1“ apart on the outer cover piece and sew to quilt.

3. Press the two long edges of the spine strip of faric over by ¼”.

4. Place the spine over the center of the outer cover. Use a basting spray or pins to keep in place.

5. Place the 2 strips of lace either side of the spine, slightly overlapping, and sew in place. Trim back any excess lace.

6. Sew the 2 pen pocket pieces right sides together across the top and bottom short edges.

7. Turn right side out and press.

8. Place the pocket and pocket lining right sides together and sew across the top edge. Turn right side out and press. Topstitch across the top.

9. Place the pocket over the right-side of the left flap. Place the left flap lining right-sides together over the pocket and sew down the right edge.

10. Turn right-side out and press. Topstitch the right hand edge, going underneath the pocket.

12. Place the right flap outer and lining right-sides together and sew down the left edge.

13. Turn right-side out and press and topstitch.

14. Place the bungee centrally to the outer cover fabric on the left edge facing inwards. Sew in place.

15. Fold the pen pocket in half, width ways, with wrong-sides together. Place centrally over the top of the bungee facing inwards. Sew in place.

16. Place the pocket flap over the right side of the outer cover facing inwards. Make sure the pocket is face down (right-sides together.) Place the right flap over the left side (pen pocket side) facing inwards with right-sides together.

17. Sew across the bottom right hand side flap.

18. Place the lining cover right-sides together on top and sew around the entire edge leaving a small turning gap over the bottom right hand side that you've just sewn.

19. Turn right side out. (The flaps will still be turned inwards). Hand sew the turning gap closed.

20. Turn the flaps over and press.

21. Fold the book cover in half and wrap the elastic bungee over to the opposite side. Mark the placement of the button. Hand sew the button in place. You could put the notebook inside the cover and a pen in the pocket to gauge the placement.

22. Insert the notebook by putting the books cover in either side of the flaps.

Happy sewing! Kym x

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