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How to Sew a Simple Kids Miffy Bag

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

How could I resist making something for my little girl from the Miffy range, it's a classic! I've made a small shoulder bag for her using two of my favourite Miffy spring fabrics. Here's how I did it -

What you'll need:

Outer bag-

2 10 x 7” fabric pieces


-2 10 x 7 fabric pieces


-2 8 x 4 ½ “ pieces of fabric (I chose the same fabric as the lining)


2 4 x 9” strips of fabric (I chose the same fabric as the outer pieces)

Fusible fleece-

2 10 x 7”

1 8 x 4 ½ “

1 Magnetic snap

1. Cut your lining and outer fabric. 

2.Cut the fabric of the flap. The longest side should be a couple of inches smaller than the pieces cut in step 1. Round the bottom edges if you want this look. 

TIP- use something as a template such a ribbon reel or a mug!

3.  Attach fusible fleece to the back of both outer pieces and one flap piece.

4. Attach the magnetic clasp – 

  • mark on the back of the flap that hasn’t got fusible fleece 1” from the bottom and in the center. 

  • Use this as a guide to place the metal disc and mark where the tabs need to be inserted. 

  • Remove the disc and snip the two markings to create small dashes big enough for the tabs. 

  • Place the disc back over the dashes and insert the top part of the clasp pushing the tabs through the holes, bend outwards to secure.

TIP- stick a small piece of fabric on the back where the clasp will be attached for more stability!

5. Repeat this with the front piece of the bag – use the flap to mark where the clasp needs to sit so that they clip together in the right place once the bag is finished. Make the snips and push the bottom part of the clasp through, bend tabs outwards to secure. 

6. Sew the two flap pieces right sides together around 3 sides leaving the top open. Use pinking shears around the 3 edges too to minimise the bulkiness when it’s turned out.

7. Turn the flap inside out pushing the corners out fully. Press with your iron.

Top stitch around the seam.

TIP- if you find that your stitches are too close to the clasp, but the zipper foot on your machine! This will allow you to sew closer to the clasp without the foot hitting it.

8. Sew the flap to the back piece of the outer fabric right sides together. 

9.  Sew this to the front piece of the outer fabric right sides together leaving the top open. 

10. If you want to square the bottom of the bag, pinch the side steams over the base seam and sew across about 1” from the corner. 

11. Turn the bag inside out and press.

12. Sew the lining pieces of the bag right sides together, squaring the corners as with the outer pieces (step 10) leave the top open and leave a turning gap a couple of inches wide along the bottom.

13. To make the handle, sew the two strips of fabric right sides together to create one long strip.

TIP- if you are using patterned fabric, sew the top strip upside down so that when the bag is made the pattern is facing the right direction on both sides!  See picture for reference

14. Fold the long strip in half length ways and press. Open it up and fold the outer edges in to meet on the middle fold and press.