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Step Into a Whimsical World with the Enchanted Cottage Cotton Fabric Collection 2024

Step into the magical world of the ‘Enchanted Cottage’ collection, where the whimsical illustrations take you on a dreamy stroll under the moonlight to the secret garden. The fairy-tale inspired designs are perfect for adding a touch of magic to your sewing projects!

Through intricate details and artistic elements, the collection aims to transport you to a world where the natural beauty of the forest intertwines seamlessly with the quaint charm of cottages, creating an enchanting collection of fabrics.

This is my third range with The Craft Cotton Company and it is always such a pleasure to work with the team and their designers to bring ideas to life. This accidentally became a sort of continuation from the first collection called Forest Journal, as it has that same woodland setting but with a different theme.

Magic Village - The main motif of this collection captures the essence of charming cottages nestled within a mystical forest. The designs revolve around the quaint and captivating atmosphere that these secluded cottages bring to mind.

Moonlit Floral - The inspiration for this floral design stems from the patterns found on antique decorative plates. I aimed to capture a folk-style aesthetic in my depiction of flowers, drawing inspiration from the charming paintings on vintage plates.

example image from

Garden Secrets - This fabric design depicts a garden that you might find tucked behind a woodland cottage. A weathered garden gate and a wishing well lead the imagine to what could be beyond, and the flowers and vines woven into the design resemble the overgrown garden, adding a touch of whimsy and wonder.

Lock & Key - Carrying on from Garden Secrets, these are vintage locks and keys you may associate with a cottage or garden gates, set against a lilac background.

Sparkle Floral - A floral fabric with an enchanting touch, tiny sparkles scattered amongst the flowers against a deep purple backdrop. This design has proven to be the most popular so far!

Here are some of my initial sketches when designing the elements for this collection -

The colour palette was carefully selected to add to the sense of magic and cosiness into the design. The deep purples not only added a touch of mystique but also created an atmosphere like that of a midnight garden.

The cotton collection is arriving in stores now and online. I'll leave a link here to the products on

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I've enjoyed creating it!

Kym x


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