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Winter Solstice Placemats Panel | Dunelm Exclusive | how to sew Christmas Placemats

With this panel you can make 4 placemats with coordinating backing fabric or 2 mats without.

What you’ll need:

Fusible placemats (46cm x 33cm)

Coordinating backing fabric 92cm x 66cm


Pins or quilting clips

Bias binder maker (optional)

1. Cut around each placemat on the dotted line. Use one of the mats as a template to cut the backing fabric.

2. Cut around each strip of bias binding.

3. Sandwich the fusible placemat between the front and back fabrics. Make sure the fabrics are wrong sides to the fusible mat.

4. Fuse the layers together using an iron.

5. Trim back the fusible placemat if it is bigger than the fabric.

6. There are 2 long and 2 short pieces of bias binding for 4 placemats. Choose the binding to match the placemat an sew the 4 strips right sides together making one long strip. Make sure to alternate long and short.

7. Press the long sides of the bias binding to the centre. Then fold the long sides in half lengthways and press again.

8. Fold the bias binding around the edge of the placemat, tucking the raw edge of the mats along the pressed crease of the binding. Sew in place. Make sure you catch the back of the bias binding on the other side as you sew.

TIP – pull the bias binding tight as you sew to ensure the binding stays flat.

9. Fold the end of the bias binding in by 1cm to neaten the end.

10. Repeat with the remaining mats.

Fabric commisioned to create blog

1 Comment

Hi Kim,

Thank you for your makes. The instructions are so easy to follow. I have brought the Winter Solstice placemat panel and the pack of 4 fusible placemats, i thought that they were reasonably price. I shall be making the Placemats up next weekend, I can't wait. So again thank you for the great idea's.

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