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A round cushion cover sewing tutorial for any size cushion! Strawberry Picking fabric with ruffle

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

This simple but fun cushion cover is a great addition to any living space or bedroom. The circular shape brings variety to square and rectangular cushions you may already have and the option to add a frill around the edge makes a cosy cottagey feel. The cushion closes at the back with a zip across the middle and can be made in any size. In this tutorial, I'll take you through step by step to make your own cushion cover from start to finish.

This tutorial is suitable for any size cushion because we will be making a template depending on the measurements of your cushion pad.

For my cushion, I've used 'Strawberry Fields' from the Strawberry Picking fabric collection.

Shop the full collection here

Here is a link to the ruffle trim I've also used.

Measuring your cushion -

If you buy a round cushion from a shop or online, you'll probably know the diameter of the cushion pad. If not, simply use a fabric tape measure and find the width from one side to the other. For reference, my cushion measured 16".

Working out fabric requirements –

Add two inches to the size of the cushion. This will give you the size of fabric you'll need to cut for the cushion. My cushion would need an 18" square of fabric (16 + 2 = 18)

Cut 2 squares of fabric to this size, one for the front and one for the back.

What else you'll need to make the cushion –

As well as the cushion pad and fabric we've just measured, you'll need:

A zip that is the same length as your cushion or slightly longer

A Quick unpick

Erasable fabric marker or chalk


Fabric glue pen (you could use pins if you don't have this)

An Iron

(optional) frill trim - to work out how much you'll need, use a fabric tape measure and measure the circumference of the cushion pad. Add extra (about 5") to this measurement for ease.

Plain paper, a ruler and a pen

A zipper foot for your sewing machine if you have one.

Making a template -

We need to make a quarter circle template to cut the fabric. To do this, divide the diameter of the cushion pad by half. My measurement is 8". Mark 8" from the corner of the paper on the top and side. Keep measuring from the side, pivoting the ruler from the corner to create a curve. Once you've drawn a quarter circle, cut out the shape.

Instructions -

  1. Fold the outer fabric in half and then half again. Place the quarter circle template over the folded edge of the fabric, lining up the folded sides with the straight sides of the quarter circle.

2. Use an erasable marker to draw the curve onto the fabric.

3. Cut along the curved line. Unfold the fabric.

4. Cut the square of fabric for the back of the cushion in half.

5. Sew the two pieces of fabric back together using 1/2" seam allowance. Press the seam open.

6. Lay the zip right side down over the seam. Make sure to line the zip teeth exactly over the seam. Use a glue pen or pins to keep the zip in place.

7. Sew down either side of the zip, sewing as close as possible to the zip teeth. You might like to use a zipper foot on your sewing machine if you have one!

From the right side of the fabric, unpick the seam to reveal the zip.

8. Use the circle of fabric cut for the front of the cushion to cut a circle, the same size, from the back fabric. (Make sure the zip pull is in the centre before cutting).

9. Sew the ruffle trim around the edge of the front circle with the ruffles facing inwards. Leave about 2" of ruffle unsewn at the start and end.

10. To finish the ends of the ruffle, fold the ruffle over and crease at the point they meet. Sew along the crease line. Fold the raw ends of the ruffle over twice and sew to neaten the edges.

11. Place the back of the cushion over the front, right sides together, making sure the ruffle is facing inwards again. Sew around the entire edge. (Make sure that the zip is open enough, before sewing, to turn the cushion out!) Sew back and forth over the ends of the zip to make the seam sturdy.

12. Turn the cushion out and insert the cushion pas to finish!


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