Bone Christmas Stocking for Dogs! Sewing Tutorial and Template | BONUS Laminated Food Mat Tutorial!

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Make a cute, bone shaped Christmas stocking for your dog! You could personalise this stocking by adding your pups name or initials on the front. Fill with their favourite treats so they don't miss out on Christmas day.

Fabric featured - Doggie Christmas Multicoloured Fat Quarters from Dunelm

(both projects made using one fat quarter pack fo 5 fabrics)

Finished size –

23 x 35cm

What you’ll need –

38 x 50cm Outer fabric

38 x 50cm Lining fabric

38 x 50cm Wadding (I've used 80/20)

Spray adhesive

32cm ribbon cut into one 26cm piece and one 6cm piece

Pom-pom trim (optional)

A3 paper, pen and scissors for template

Pins or clips

1. To draw the bone shape template, fold an A3 piece of paper in half width ways then half again. Measure 15cm on the longer folded side and 7cm along the shorter folded side. Measure 8cm up from the 7cm mark and draw a circle from here to the fold to create the shape of the end of the bone.

2. Use this template to cut –

2 x outer fabric

2 x lining fabric

2 x wadding

3. Adhere the wadding to the back of the outer 2 pieces of fabric with spray adhesive.

4. Sew the ribbon to the outer pieces –

Fold the smaller ribbon piece in half length ways and sew to the left side of the front outer piece in the centre of one of the top round edges.

Fold the longer ribbon in half length ways and sew to the right side of the back piece, to the centre of the opposite round edge, so the two pieces mirror image.

Make sure both ribbon pieces are sewn facing inwards.

5. Decorate the stocking if desired. Sew the pompom trim onto the front outer piece slightly above the centre.

6. Sew one of the lining piece right sides together to the front outer piece around the top of the bone shape. Repeat with the second lining piece and outer back.

7. Place the front and back right sides together. Sew the 2 outer pieces right sides together, starting and ending at the stitch line you’ve already sewn.

8. Sew the lining pieces right sides together in the same way, leaving a small gap for turning in one side.

9. Snip into the curved seams and corners and turn the stocking right side out.

10. Sew the opening closed in the lining. Push the lining into the stocking and press.

To close the stocking, thread the larger ribbon through the smaller and hang.

That’s the stocking finished! Fill with your dogs’ favourite treats and toys ready for Christmas day!

Laminated Food Bowl Mat

A festive, wipe-clean mat for your dog’s food bowls this Christmas. Why not make one in non-christmasy fabric to swap out in the New Year, or use a different fabric on the back making it reversible! The laminated finish to this mat makes it easy to clean and last for longer.

Finished size - 42 x 30cm

What you’ll need:

4 strips of fabric measuring 13 x 40 cm

Iron on vinyl

Bias binding - 150cm of 2.5" wide

42 x 30cm Backing fabric

42 x 30cm Wadding 80/20