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Easter Bunny Ears Drawstring Bag Sewing Tutorial

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Here's a simple drawstring bag with a cute little extra, perfect for Easter time! I've used elegant floral fabrics, who says these bags are just for kids! All you need is 2 fat quarters of fabric and here's how you can make them -

What you'll need:

1 fat quarter of outer fabric (or two pieces measuring 10.5" x 13")

1 fat quarter of lining fabric (or two pieces measuring 10.5" x 13")

wadding of choice, I've used fusible fleece - two pieces measuring 10.5" x 13"

fusible fleece for the ears - two pieces measuring 5" x 7"

If you are using fat quarters, you can use the left over pieces of fabric to make the ears. If not, you'll need 4 pieces measuring 52 x 7"

ribbon - 2 x 25"

wire - 2 pieces measuring approx. 18"

Use 1/4" seam allowance

How to make the bag:

1. Draw a template of ta bunny ear. Mine measured about 4.5" wide at the widest point and 6.5" tall. The base of the ears measures 2.5"

2. Cut out 2 pieces of outer fabric measuring 10.5" x 13" and the same in the lining fabric. Use the left over fabric to cut out the ears using your template, 2 ear shapes in the lining and 2 ear shapes in the outer fabric.

3. Iron the fusible fleece onto the back of the lining pieces and 2 lining ear pieces.

4. Sew the ear pieces together. Place the lining piece on top of the outer piece, right sides together and sew around the edge leaving the bottom edge open. Trim back the seam allowance and turn right side out and press.

5. To add the wire, sew a small channel, similar to a top stitch but about 1/2" in around the edge of the ears.

6. Carefully thread the wire through this channel. Once it is through you can cut this back if you don't want to try sewing over it.

7. Sew the ear pieces to the back outer piece of fabric, facing in. The back piece should be right side up and the ears should be facing up too so the front of the ears is on top. Be careful when sewing over the wire, use the wheel on the machine to move the needle over the wire so you don't break the needle!

8. Place a lining piece right sides together on top of this and sew. Again, be careful over the wire!

9. Put the other 2 pieces of fabric together in the same way. Lining on top of outer fabric right sides together and sew across the top.

10. Place this piece right sides together on top of the other and sew all around the edge, leaving a gap in the lining for turning. Be sure to line up the seams before sewing.

11. Square the corners about 1.5". Do this by pinching open the corners and squashing together, making sure the seams are on top of each other. Measure 1.5" from the corner and sew straight across. Do this on all 4 corners.

12. Cut the corners off just above the line you've just sewn so that it isn't bulky.

13. Turn the bag right side out, be sure to push the base out fully. Press with your iron around the top so the lining stays in place.

14. Top stitch around the top of the bag, again be careful of the wire if it is in the way. Sew another line about 1" below the top stitch line, or as wide as the ribbon you're using.