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Cosy Hand Warmers - easy sewing project

What better way to keep your fingers warm on these winter days than with some cute hand warmers! I've made them using the Scooby-Doo fabric range from Craft Cotton Company for a nostalgic feel. They are the perfect size for adult hands, if you'd like to make them for kids, you'll need to take the measurements down slightly. They are really easy to do and I've even added an elasticated strap to them to keep them secure on your hands. There are 2 shapes to choose from, or make them in any shape and size you'd like! For the filling you can use-

  • uncooked rice

  • feed corn

  • cherry pits

  • flax seed

  • barley

  • oatmeal

  • beans

  • wheat

Once they are made, just pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds or less then enjoy!

To make the hand warmers you'll need: 

  • 1 fat quarter of fabric

  • 6 inches of 2 inch elastic

  • filling of your choice, I used rice

  • 5 inch hexagon template (or any shape you'd like)

How to make the hexagon hand warmers:

1. Cut out the front piece using the template.

2. Sew 2 strips of fabric 8” by 3” wide and sew right sides together.

(I've put the hand warmers together in this way so that when I hand sew the opening closed at the end, the stitching is hidden on the back rather than on the side)

3. Press open the seam any using the template, cut the hexagon shape over this seam.

4. To make the strap, cut 1 piece of fabric 2.5  inches by 10 inches. Sew the strip in half width ways, right sides together.

5. Turn right side out and feed the elastic though using a pin attached to one end, be careful not to let the elastic get stuck in the middle. 

6. Measure how tight you want it to fit on your hand and cut accordingly. Remember the warmer will be slightly padded! (the original size might even be OK for you without cutting) Once adjusted, sew across the ends to secure.

7. Sew the strap to either side of the back pieces on the warmer

8. Place the top piece of the warmer right sides together on top of the back piece with the strap in the middle and sew all the way around the edge

9. Use an unpicker to open the seam down the back piece enough to turn the warmer right side out

10. Funnel the filling into the warmer and hand sew the opening closed 

11. Repeat the same steps to make your second hand warmer

To make the rectangle shaped hand warmers, I cut a piece of fabric 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches for the front. The back piece is 2 pieces of fabric the same size and sewn together following the same instruction as step 2.

I hope you enjoy making these, stay cosy! x

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