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Make Easy DIY Scrunchy Headbands

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

This project is the perfect scrap buster and a great way to accessorise your me-made outfits! All you need is 2 strips of fabric and an old headband you want to cover. It is quick and simple and can be worn by children or adults depending on the size you make!

How much fabric will you need?

Depending on how much 'scrunch' you want your headband to have depends on how much fabric you'll use. For a voluminous headband, you'll need a shorter length of fabric and for a small, tight headband, you'll need more.

White headband (large) -

2 pieces of fabric measuring the length of the headband + half the length by 4.5" wide

My fabric measures 22.5" x 4.5"

Black headband (small) -

2 pieces of fabric measuring double the length of the headband by 2.5" wide

My fabric measures 30" x 2.5"

What's great about this project is that you can use as much or as little fabric as you have available, making it a good way to use your smaller pieces of fabric and not let them go to waste!

Here's what else you'll need:


Turning tool

Hot Glue Gun

2 pieces of ribbon approx. 3" long

  1. Sew the 2 strips of fabric right sides together down the 2 long sides. Use 1/4" seam allowance.

2. Use a turning tool to turn the tube right side out. Slide the headband into the tube until the headband is poking out either end of the fabric.

3. Use a hot glue gun to glue the ends of the fabric to the headband.

4. Fold the excess fabric inwards and wrap around the headband. Glue in place.

5. Tightly wrap the ribbon about the ends of the fabric and glue. This will neaten the edges!

Enjoy your fun headbands!

Fabric used - Monochrome Cotton Fat Quarters | Dunelm

Headbands - Black Plain Plastic Alice Band Hair Band Headband Various Sizes Available | eBay

Turning tool - Prym Loop Turner | Debbie Shore Sewing

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