Easy Roll-Top Lunch Bags with Matching Sandwich Wrap - Eco-friendly sewing project

A great way to be more Eco-friendly in your everyday life is to find new ways to package your food when you’re out and about, either at work, school or out for a picnic! I’ve made an easy lunch bag and matching sandwich wrap which is reusable, so no more wasting plastic food wrapping. The lining is made from PUL which is a laminated, waterproof fabric and can easily be wiped clean. Be sure to buy PUL that is BPA- and phthalate-free when using it for food products.

Roll top lunch bag

I’ve made these stylish lunch bags in 2 sizes depending on how big you’d like it (or how much food you want inside it!) using the Craft Cotton Company ‘Fern Geo’ mustard and teal fabric and a PUL lining. 

What you’ll need:

-2 fat quarters of PUL fabric 

-2 fat quarters of wadding of your choice, I used heat reflective wadding for the smaller bag and used a firm stabiliser for the larger 

-2 fat quarters of outer fabric

-2 buttons

-5 inches of 5m wide elastic


- needle and thread to sew on buttons (I used embroidery thread)

Lunch bag instructions (smaller bag)

1. Cut the fabric, lining and wadding to size – 15 inches long, 10 inches wide

2. Fuse your wadding to the back of the outer fabric 

3. Cut out 1 inch squares out of the bottom corners of the lining and outer fabric

4. Sew the button to one piece of the outer fabric in the centre, 6.5 inches from the top

5. Sew the elastic to the other outer piece in the centre, 2 inches from the top and add a button for decoration if you wish. 

If you'd like a different placement of the buttons and elastic, try rolling the pieces as if it was already made to see where the placement should be. 

6. Sew the PUL right sides together along the top of both outer pieces

7. Sew the outer pieces right sides together making sure to line up the seams

8. Sew the PUL in the same way but leave a gap for turning

9. Square the base of the lining and outer pieces

10. Turn right side out and sew the opening closed

11. To close the bag, roll the top down twice and secure the elastic around the button