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How to make - Monochrome Round Cushion Sewing Tutorial

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Circle cushions are a great addition to any living room or bedroom arrangement to add interest and make a statement. This modern style cushion paired with a modern cotton fabric will instantly update any room or even make an impressive gift for someone special.

I've used the gorgeous 'line art faces' cotton fabric available at to make my cushion (see links at the bottom of the tutorial)

What you’ll need -

17” cushion pad

17” square of front fabric

18” square of back fabric

110” of piping cord

Strip of contrasting fabric 48” x 3”

18” zip

Tools used –

Quick unpick

Fabric glue pen


Erasable fabric pen


¼” seam allowance used unless stated otherwise

Hot to make -

Take 2” from the cushion measurement so the circle will be 15” + 1” seam allowance (this gives half an inch all the way round)

1. To cut a circle, cut a 17” square. Fold in half then half again. Measure 8” from the folded point. Pivot the ruler and mark an ark across the fabric. Cut this shape out and the square will open out into a circle.

2. For the back of the cushion, cut the back 18” square of fabric in half width ways with a ½” seam allowance. Sew right sides together and press seam open.

3. Use a glue pen to glue the zip, teeth down, on top of the pressed seam, making sure the teeth of the zip are directly over the seam.

4. From the right side, sew down either side of the zip.

5. Using a quick unpick, unpick the stitches of the seam revealing the teeth of the zip.

6. Use the front circle of fabric as a template to cut a circle from the back, zipped fabric.

7. Sew the short ends of the contrasting strip together with a ¼” seam allowance to create a circle and press the seam open. This is the gusset.

8. Sew the piping around the entire edge of the right side of the BACK circle fabric, facing inwards.

As the two ends of the piping meet, pull the fabric away from one end of the cord and trim the cord back so that both ends meet. Trim the fabric so that it’s about ½” longer than the cord. Fold one side of the fabric under by about ½”, tuck in the other end in and continue sewing. This will give you a neat finish.

Snip into the seam of the piping to help it ease around the circle.

9. Sew piping to the front circle of fabric in the same way.

10. Pin the gusset to the front circle of fabric. The easiest way to make sure the fabric is even is to mark quarter points on both the circle fabric and gusset and match these points. Pin in place. Sew from the circle side, following the stitch line of the piping.

11. Sew the back circle fabric right sides together to the other end of the gusset, again following the same stitch line as the piping. Make sure the zip is open as you do this!

12. Turn right side out and insert the cushion pad!

Fabric gifted to me by Bee Fabric Co and Dunelm to create this blog


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