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How to Sew a Knitting/Crochet Needle Wrap from a 5 Fat Quarter Pack

Keep your needles organised in this cute, roll up holder. Alternatively, you could make this for storing make up brushes, paint brushes or pens! Adjust the pockets to the side required.

What you’ll need:

14x15” of outer fabric

14x15” of lining fabric

14x15” of wadding

2 x 14x6.5” of small pocket fabric

2 x 14x8.5 of large pocket fabric

2 x 14x8.5 flap fabric

112” of 1” wide Bias binding (I used 58” of green and 54” of pink)

Fabric used -

Tools needed:

Quilting clips (optional)


Erasable fabric pen

Basting spray (505 adhesive spray)

A plate or rounded edge to curve the flap

How to make:

1. Place the two small pocket pieces WRONG sides together. Place a small piece of bias binding along the top edge of the two fabrics. Hold in place with clips and sew.

2. Repeat with the two large pocket pieces.

3. Use a plate as a guide to curve the edges of the two flap pieces. If your fabric is directional, make sure you are curving the right end!

4. Adhere the wadding to the back of the lining fabric.

5. Place the two pockets on the right side of the lining fabric, lining up the bottom edges. Pin in place.

6. Draw vertical lines over the pockets 1.5” apart with an erasable pen.

TIP – start from the centre and work outwards

Sew down each line to create the pocket divides.

7. Place the two flap pieces WRONG sides together and clip to the top of the lining fabric and sew. If your fabric is directional, make sure they are facing the right way!

8. Sew a piece of bias binding in half to create a ribbon.

9. Fold the ribbon in half and sew to centre-right of the needle wrap, facing inwards.

10. Fold the flap down. Place the outer fabric over the needle wrap, right sides together. Clip in place and sew across the top edge, sandwiching the flap in the centre.

11. Open out the wrap so that the front and back pieces are wrong sides together.

12. Sew the bias binding around the entire edge of the needle wrap.

That’s the needle wrap finished! Insert your needles, fold over the flap, roll up and tie!