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DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Quilted Frill Edge Tote Bag with a Free Sewing Pattern

Updated: Jan 14

This summery bag features a large frill around the edge and a drawstring top for to keep belongings more secure. This bag can be made with or without the frill depending on your preference!

Fabric used: Voysey – 'Amongst the Leaves' and 'Ornamental Tree' from the Birds of Nature collection. Love this collection? shop here

What you’ll need:

o Bag pattern

frill edge bag pattern
Download ZIP • 181KB

o 68 x 45cm Outer fabric

o 34 x 31cm Lining fabric

o 34 x 31cm Vlieseline H630

o Two pieces of frill fabric each measuring 85 x 14cm

o 176cm ribbon

o Large safety pin

o Pins or clips

o Erasable fabric pen and ruler

Finished size:

44 x 38cm

Use 1cm Seam allowance unless stated otherwise.

Print the bag pattern to 100% scale. Join the 2 pattern pieces together along the ‘join’ line and cut out the shape.


1. Cut 2 outer and 2 lining fabrics to the size of the pattern. You’ll be cutting each of the fabric pieces on the fold.

Cut 2 strips of fabric from the same outer fabric measuring 10 x 62cm for the straps. You’ll need these later!

2. Adhere fleece to the back of each outer piece of fabric.

3. Draw diagonal lines 2” apart in two directions on the two outer pieces of fabric with your erasable fabric pen. These will be the guide for crosshatch quilting. Sew along each line to quilt.

4. Join the two frill fabric strips right sides together along one short edge to create one long strip.

5. Fold the strip in half lengthways with wrong sides together and press.

6. Sew two rows of gathering stitches along the raw edge side of the strip. Sewing two rows will help the gathering to sit flat.

To sew gathering stitches, set your sewing machine to the longest stitch. Leave a few cm of thread at each end.

7. Pull on the bottom threads at each end of the strip to start gathering. Keep gathering until the frill is the size of the outer edge of the outer bag fabric. Sew in place inside the seam allowance.

8. To make the channel for the draw string, cut two strips of outer fabric each measuring 28 x 14cm. Fold the two strips in half lengthways with wrong sides together and press. Fold the short ends over twice by 0.75cm and press.

9. To make the straps, press each strap strip in half lengthways with wrong sides together. Open and press the long sides in to meet in the middle. Fold the strip in half again and press. Sew down each long side of the straps to finish.

10. Pin the strap to the top of the bag facing inwards, 4cm from each side. Place the channel over the top, raw edges together. Adjust the straps so that they sit just under the ends of the channel if necessary, then sew in place. Repeat with the remaining bag piece.

11. Sew the lining right sides together to each outer bag piece across the top.

12. Place the two bag pieces right sides together, lining to lining and outer to outer. Pin or clip in place matching the middle seams. Sew around the entire edge leaving a small gap in the base of the lining for turning.

13. Turn the bag right side out and sew the opening closed. Tuck the lining inside of the bag. Top stitch around the top of the bag.

14. Cut the ribbon in half. Use a safety pin to thread the ribbon though the channels in opposite directions.

Tie a knot in the ends to secure.

15. That’s the bag finished! Pull on the ribbons on either side of the bag to close.

Fabric commissioned for this project

frill edge bag pattern
Download ZIP • 181KB


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