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Simple Christmas Tree Quilt Block - Sewing for Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And this quilting block is prefect for some festive sewing to get into the swing of things.

This tutorial is how to make a tree quilting block using 2” squares and half square triangles. I’ve put mine on a second-hand sweater I found on Vinted to create my own upcycled Christmas jumper. You could make the blocks into a placemats for the Christmas dining table setting, sew a line together to make a fun table runner, or why not piece loads together to make a quilt!

This is a great way to use any scrap fabrics because the biggest square needed is only 2.5” and it doesn’t necessarily have to be Christmas prints! As long as there is a contrast between the tree and the background.

For one block you’ll need –

24 x white 2” squares

5 x white 2.5” squares

10 x contrasting 2” squares, I’ve used 5 different fabrics in green, red, and cream.

5 x contrasting 2.5” squares

1 x brown 2” square for the tree trunk

Tools needed –

Erasable pen or chalk

Rotary cutter and cutting mat


Quilters ruler

Sewing instructions -

1. Starting with the 2.5” squares, place a plain and a print right sides together.

2. Using an erasable pen, draw a diagonal line from one corner to another. Sew approx. ¼” from either side of the line.

3. Cut along the line drawn.

4. Open and press. Trim down to 2” square.

5. Repeat with the remaining 2.5” squares so that you’ll end up with 10 half square tringles.

6. Arrange the printed 2” squares in a tree shape. Use the half square triangle pieces on the outside and printed squares in the centre. Stagger each row off centre to the one above by half a block.

Use the white 2” squares to fill the sides of the block and the brown square in the centre at the bottom as the trunk.

7. Sew the squares together in rows using ¼” seam allowance.

8. Sew the rows together to form the block.

9. Trim the sides to make the block square.

10. If you’re going to use this block on a Christmas jumper, cut a scrap piece of plain fabric to the same size as the Christmas tree block.

11. Sew the scrap fabric right sides together to the quilt block around all 4 sides. Cut a small hole in the scrap fabric. This will be a turning hole. Snip the corners carefully without cutting through any stitches.

12. Turn the right side out and press.

Optional –

Decorate your tree with lace trim and bows before sewing onto the jumper.

13. Sew the quilt block to the centre of an old jumper. I’ve added a thick lace trim around the outer edge to frame it!

I hope you enjoy making your own Christmas tree quilting block! Happy sewing, Kym x

fabric gifted for this project from The Craft Cotton Company


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