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Modern Monochrome Bed Runner - Sewing Tutorial

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Bed runners are a great finishing touch to a bedroom and this large patchwork style can incorporate up to 5 different prints to suit your room decor. This sewing project is suitable for beginners.

Fabric freatured -

All available exclusively at

What you will need –

5 pieces of fabric measuring 14x20”

70” x 22” Backing fabric

70” x 22” Wadding

182” piping

pins or quilting clips

adhesive spray (505)

Finished bed runner size = 70” x 20”

Use ¼” seam allowance

1. Sew two pieces of outer fabric right sides together down one side.

2. Press the seam open.

3. Sew the next piece of fabric to the second in the same way and repeat until all 5 pieces are sewn. This is the panel.

4. Cut the wadding slightly bigger than the panel to allow for movement when quilting. Adhere the wadding to the back of the panel using a basting spray.

5. Quilt the panel by sewing ¼” from the joining seam down either side of each fabric strip.

6. To sew the piping, sew to the right side of the quilt facing inwards. Leave about 2” of piping at either end unsewn.

7. To take the piping round the corner, stop sewing about 2” from the corner and leave the needle down in your machine. Using sharp scissors, snip into the seam allowance of the piping to allow it the curve.

8. To finish off the piping, open some of the stitches on one piece of piping to expose the cord. Cut the piping cord.

9. Tuck the opposite piping cord into the fabric from the cut piece and pin in place.

10. Sew in place.

11. Cut the backing fabric slightly bigger than the quilt and pin right sides together to the quilt.

12. Sew the backing fabric to the quilt following the same stitches that were sewn for the piping. Leave a gap for turning.

13. Snip off the corner points (careful not to cut through any stitches) to reduce the bulk.

Turn right side out making sure to push out each corner.

14. Hand sew the opening closed using a slip stitch and that’s the quilt finished!

Fabric gifted from The Bee Fabric Co. and Dunelm to create this blog


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