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New Youtube Video - how to make a large cosmetic bag

A bag perfect for keeping toiletries or makeup in, a great gift for friends and family or a handy bag for yourself!

(This tutorial is for confident beginners who have made bags before)

Finished size - 11.5 x 8.5 x 3 inches

What you'll need -

two pieces of white faux leather measuring 12 x 6.5"

two pieces of purple leopard print fabric measuring 12 x 4.5"

two pieces of lining fabric measuring 12 x 10.5"

two pieces of medium weight interlining (or interlining of choice) measuring 12 x 10.5"

two pieces of pompom trim measuring approx.. 12.5" in length

a nylon zip at least 12" in length

a fabric glue pen

scrap pieces of the leopard fabric

Products I've used -

white faux leather fabric from

purple leopard print fabric #gifted from The Craft Cotton Company

lilac cotton for lining from

lilac nylon zip from

Sewline glue pen from

How to make the pompom tassel-

1. Cut off a few pompoms from the same trim I used for the bag, I've used 4.

2. Used a large needle and embroidery floss to attach the pompoms. Go up through the bottom of all 4 pompoms until the are stacked on top of each other on the thread.

3. Thread the needle through the eye of the zip.

4. Take the needle back down through the pompoms until you reach the bottom one, leaving a small loop at the zip.

5. Tie the thread off in a knot at the bottom and cut the excess thread to neaten.

Happy sewing!



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