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Snoopy Christmas Fun Kids Slippers - How to Sew Slippers Tutorial

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Make these custome fit slippers in any size! You could use a fleece fabric for the lining for extra comfort or add some elastic around the heel for more support.

Fabric featured - Snoopy Christmas Fun by The Craft Cotton Company

What you’ll need:

30x40cm fabric for sole (to fit a kids size 7.5)

30x20cm fabric for the top

100cm of 2.5cm wide bias binding

Wadding (80/20)

Adhesive spray (505)

Silicone dots or sock glue for the sole

Paper, pen and scissors


1. Draw around your foot onto a piece of paper.

2. Draw another line around the foot shape, adding 2.5cm. This will be the pattern for the sole of the slipper.

3. Cut out the shape of the sole. Place this pattern on top of a new piece of paper.

4. Measure 9cm from the toe and draw a line straight across extending the line 1cm each side. Continue to draw around the toe. Cut this shape out and this will be the pattern for the top of the slipper.

5. Cut 2 pieces of fabric from each pattern. Then turn the pattern over a cut 2 more from each pattern so you’ll have mirror image shapes. This is the lining at outer pieces of the slippers.

6. Cut 2 pieces of wadding for each sole and each top. (I’ve used 2 layers of wadding for extra comfort!)

7. Sandwich the wadding between the matching shape fabric pieces.

8. Sew bias binding across the straight edges of the top of the slippers. Do this by wrapping the bias binding over the straight edge of the top slipper pieces, enclosing the raw edges and sew.

9. Sew the top of the slippers to the base by placing over the toe area. line up the raw edges and sew around the curve, leaving the top open.

10. Sew bias binding all around each of the slippers. When you reach the end, overlap the bias binding and fold under slightly to make neat. (I prefer to machine sew one side, wrap the binding around the raw edge and hand-sew the underside with a slip stitch.)

11. Add the silicone glue dots or sock glue to the sole to prevent slipping.

TIP – add an elastic strap around the back of the slippers if you’d like extra security on the feet!

Loungewear pattern - Mccalls M6458

Fabric commissioned to create this project


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