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The new Tilly and the Button 'Billie' Sweatshirt

I was very kindly sent the new Tilly and the Buttons pattern to try out! This is the Billie Sweatshirt/ Sweatshirt Dress pattern with a choice of balloon sleeves, 3/4 sleeves or straight sleeves. This pattern is a great staple for a winter wardrobe and has enough variations to make a few and have them all look slightly different (which I plan to do.)

I knew when I got the pattern that I wanted to try something slightly different with my first sweater, I'm a huge fan of big sleeves, but wanted to make a teddy sweater first and dint want to try balloon sleeves with such thick fabric!

I chose this teddy fur fabric from as it has a slight stretch to it, which gives the fabric extra comfort. The cuff fabric is also from and I decided to go with a slightly contrasting colour with the dark beige. The back of the teddy fabric is knit and soft enough to wear on your skin without irritation. (sensitive skin might find it slightly rough.)

The instructions were clear to follow, as all of Tilly's patterns are, with photographs to make it easy to follow. This pattern is for confident beginners so if you've made a few clothing items before, you'll be able to get your head around this one!

I left the bottom hem of my top raw to give it an even more relaxed feel. This fabric shouldn't fray so no need to hem or add a cuff if you want a slouchy look.

I can't wait to layer this jumper up in winter, it's so warm and comfortable that it can be worn around the house and outdoors too.

pattern - (gifted with no obligation to post)

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