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Drunkard's path patchwork Bow quilt block sewing tutorial

The Drunkard's Path is a classic quilting block that consists of two curved pieces that are joined together to form a square. The curves of the pieces are designed to create a meandering, slightly unpredictable pattern reminiscent of the wandering path of a 'drunkard'! The block can be created in a variety of colours and patterns, and is often used as a building block for larger quilting projects.

For this bow block, I've made my original Drunkards Path download smaller. You will need to download the new size (below) if you wish to sew this size block yourself. (the original block template would make a huge bow!)

small drunkards path template
Download ZIP • 127KB

Because I'm using the same patchwork technique, this tutorial is similar to my "How to Sew the Drunkard's Path Quilting Block" guide. If you're familiar with that project, you'll recognize the steps here. The primary difference is the final arrangement of the shapes, which will create a bow design.

The finished size of this quilt block is 17" square.

Print the templates to 100% scale and cut out the two shapes.

Use 1'4" seam allowance throughout.

Sewing Instructions -

  1. Cut 8 from template one (the corner shape) in the background fabric and 8 in the bow fabric.

Cut 8 from template 2 (the quarter circle) in the background fabric and 8 in the bow fabric.

Also for the bow block, you will also need to cut -

One 4" square in the bow fabric

Eight 4" squares in the background fabric.

Set these squares to one side for now.

2. Pair up one quarter circle shape and one corner shape in opposite colours.

3. Find the centre of the curve of the quarter circle and the centre of the curve of the corner shape by folding in half and creasing. Place the two right sides together, lining up the centre marks.

4. Pin the centre point and line up the raw edges, easing the corner shape to match the curve of the quarter circle without stretching the fabric. Use plenty of pins!

5. Sew in place using 1/4" seam allowance. Snip into the seam allowance along the curve. This will help the seam to sit flat when pressing.

6. Open and press.

7. Repeat with the rest of the pieces.

8. Arrange the squares into the design of a bow, using the 4" squares to fill the gaps - see below image

9. Sew the squares together in rows and press, then sew the rows together and press.

You're Done! This fun block can be used to make cushion covers, bags and of course, quilts.

I hope you enjoy making your own quilt blocks! Happy sewing,

Fabric used -

Liberty Oyster White Wiltshire Shadow Blender


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