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Nordic Nomad Fur Trim Christmas Stocking Sewing Tutorial - FREE PATTERN DOWNLOAD

Sew up this cute, fur trimmed stocking to hang at Christmas time!

Fabric featured -

Nordic Gnomes Cotton from Dunelm

Download the pattern here -

stocking template 1
Download ZIP • 860KB

stocking template 2
Download ZIP • 989KB

Pattern includes seam allowance. Join the two pattern pieces together and cut out the shape.

Finished size –

27 x 41cm

What you’ll need:

Stocking template

64 x 44cm Outer fabric (Nordic Gnomes)

64 x 54cm Lining fabric (plain red cotton)

64 x 44cm interfacing or wadding of choice – I’ve used Vlieseline 250

38cm Coordinating Ribbon

38cm x 5cm Faux fur trim

Wet Fabric Glue – I’ve used Gutermann ht2

Pins or clips

Adhesive paper – I’ve used Heat ‘n bond

Tear-away stabiliser

Use 6mm seam allowance

1. Use the template to cut 2 stocking pieces with the outer fabric.

2. Use the same template to cut 2 lining pieces but extend the top of the stocking by 13cm. This will be the turnover.

3. Adhere the interfacing to the back of each outer piece.

4. Sew the lining pieces right sides together to their mirroring outer piece across the top of the stocking.

5. Place the 2 stockings right sides together, lining up the outer pieces and lining pieces. Pin or clip in place and sew around the entire edge of the stocking. Leave a turning gap approximately 15cm from the top of the stocking on the straight side.

6. Snip into the seam of the curve of the stocking.

7. Turn right side out. The lining will be longer than the outer, measure the top cuff to be 6.5cm. Press the stocking.

8. Use wet glue to adhere the faux fur to the cuff of the stocking or hand sew in place.

9. To make the ribbon ends, iron heat and bond to the back of the fabric. Cut out 4 individual gnomes using a 5cm circle shape.

10. Remove the back of the heat n bond and pair the gnomes together, wrong sides together. Place the ends of the ribbon between the circles and press.

Optional - Use a small zigzag stitch to sew around the circle shapes. Use tear-away stabiliser under the circles to help prevent the stitches puckering.

11. Hand sew the ribbon to the side of the stocking.

12. Hang up the stocking for Christmas day!

Fabric gifted by The Bee Fabric Co and Dunelm to create this tutorial


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