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Disappearing Pinwheel Quilt Block Sewing Tutorial | Make a Cushion Cover

This beginner friendly quilting block is fun to make and looks great made into cushions to decorating your living space. It may look complicated, but this technique is much simpler than it may seem! This cushion has an envelope back making it easy to take on and off.

Use ¼” seam allowance unless otherwise stated otherwise

Finished size: 45 x 45cm


45cm cushion pad

112 x 75cm Christmas fabric

25 x 25cm white fabric

Rotary cutter and cutting mat (if possible)

Fabric featured: Driving Home For Christmas from Dunelm


Sewing Instructions

1. Cut two squares of fabric, one white and one Christmas, each measuring 25 x 25cm.

2. Sew right sides together all the way round the edges.

3. Cut from corner to corner to create four triangles.

4. Open out the triangles and press with the seam towards the Christmas fabric. Arrange in a pinwheel shape.

5. Sew the four pieces together matching points in the centre.

6. Measure 6.5cm from the vertical centre seam and cut along each side.

7. Measure 6.5cm from the horizontal centre seam and again cut.

8. Take the four central rectangular sections and rotate them 180 degrees.

9. Sew the blocks together one row at a time, press the first seams away from each other, the second towards each other and the third away from each other. This will help to nest the seams when you sew the strips together. Sew all three rows together matching seams.

10. For the backing, cut two pieces of Christmas fabric each measuring 36cm x 37cm. Fold over the top of one piece and the bottom of the other by 6mm and sew.

11. Place the two pieces, overlapping, right sides together with raw edges matching to the cushion front. Trim to the same size if necessary. Sew all around the edge with a 1cm seam allowance. Snip across the corners.

12. Turn the right side out and press. Insert your cushion pad.

Merry Christmas!

Kym x

Fabric commissioned for this project


Dec 23, 2021

Very pretty and very festive too. ⛄️


Paula Hamstead
Paula Hamstead
Dec 23, 2021

This is fantastic! Definitely going to make some of these!