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Sew a Simple Heart Quilt Block

Updated: Jan 14

This is one of the easiest ways to sew a heart-shaped quilting block! Using 2 contrasting colours of fabric gives the best effect for this heart. Why not make a few and add sashing between each one to create a stunning quilt! Or simply add a border and turn this into a cute cushion cover. So many variations are possible!

For one heart block -

Using two contrasting fabrics, cut two 5.5" squares from the print you want to use as the heart.

Cut one 6.5" from the heart fabric and one 6.5" square from the background fabric.

Cut four 1.5" squares from the background fabric.

  1. Place the two 6.5" squares right sides together. Draw a diagonal line across the square from one corner to the opposite. Sew 1/4" down either side of the line drawn.

2. Cut along the line drawn. open out the two triangles and press. This will give you two half square triangles which will be the bottom portion of the heart.

Trim the squares down to 5.5" in size.

3. Place the 1.5" squares right sides together over the 5.5" squares. Place one in each top corner of the larger squares

Sew diagonal lines over the smaller squares, starting from the outer bottom corner and sewing inwards to the opposite corner.

4. Press the small squares back to create triangles.

5. Sew the two pieces right sides together. Open and press.

6. Sew the two half square triangles right sides together. Open and press.

7. Sew the two strips right sides together with the half square triangles at the bottom.

And that's it!

I've created many different colour variations of this block from scrap fabric I've had in my stash so that I can make a quilt. I'll use 1.5" strips to attach the hearts together and I can't wait to share my quilt when it's finished!

Happy sewing,

Kym x


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