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No-Sew Project - Fabric Padded Letters

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Personalise your kid’s bedroom with these cute padded letters. They are made using a fat quarter pack of fabric and with no sewing involved, this crafty project is simple and fun to do!

What you’ll need:

1 fat quarter pack (5 pieces) Shop Bee Fabric Co. Panda fat quarters at Dunelm here

Paper Mache letters (mine measure 8” in height)

Polyester wadding

Tools used:

Hot glue gun

Fabric glue (optional - Gutermann HT2)

Temporary spray adhesive (505)


Card to finish the back (optional)


How to make:

1. Cut strips of wadding to the size of the letters. Use a spray glue to adhere the wadding to the front of the shapes.

2. Cut a rectangular piece of fabric for each letter approximately 3” larger than the letter.


If your fabric has any cute animals or features on it, fussy cut the fabric so that these are visible from the front!

3. Place the letter facing down onto the back of the fabric. Fold the fabric around straight sides of the letters and use a hot glue gun to adhere to the back or sides. Create a folded corner at the points of the letters and glue in place. Snip into any corners to help fold the fabric around.

It doesn’t matter if the sides or back look messy, you can cover this later.

4. To cut out the middle of a letter, cut a small snip in the centre and then cut out towards the corners. Fold the pieces of fabric around the letter and glue in place.

5. Continue until all sides of the letters are covered.

6. To finish the sides, cut strips of fabric measuring 2” wide. Each letter will need approx. 35” so you will need to cut a couple of strips. Fold the long edges of each strip to the centre and press, your strips will now be 1” wide.

7. Use wet glue (HT2) to adhere the strips around the edges of the letters. Wet glue will keep the fabric flatter but a glue gun will also work.

8. To finish the back, draw around each letter onto card, cut out the shapes and trim so they are slightly smaller than the letters. Stick the card to the back of the letters with your hot glue gun.


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