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How to Sew a Quilted Chevron Cushion Cover using Half Square Triangles - Hot Wheels Fabric

Updated: Jan 14

This large cushion cover uses half -square triangles to create a fun chevron design. It’s the perfect size for a floor cushion for kids to play or relax on!

The fabric I've used for this cushion is the Hot Wheels Collection by The Craft Cotton Company. I’ve used a plain blue as a contract to exaggerate the chevron shapes and the back closes with an envelope back.

What you’ll need:

5 Hot Wheels fabrics each measuring 10” x 10”

22” square Cushion pad

25” x 20” Contrasting plain fabric

22” x 30” Backing fabric (I used the same as the contrasting plain) cut into two 22” x 15” pieces

24” x 24” Wadding

Rotary cutter and cutting mat

Pins or clips

Erasable fabric pen

Spray glue (I’ve used Odif 505)

¼” Seam allowance


1. Cut the printed fabrics and contrasting plain fabrics into 5” squares. You’ll need 40 squares in total. (20 plain and 4 squares of each pattern)

2. On the plain squares, draw a diagonal line from one corner to another. Pin or clip the plain right sides together to a patterned square and sew ¼” down either side of the line drawn.

3. Cut long the line so the one square becomes two and press.

4. Trim the square down to a 4” square.

5. Repeat with the rest of the squares.

6. Arrange the squares in a chevron design. You’ll have a couple of squares left over.

TIP- if you’re moving the pieces from a table to your machine, or if you want to come back to the project later, use a foam board and pins to keep the small pieces in order!

7. Sew the squares right sides together in rows. Press the seams to one side on the first row, then in the opposite direction for the second row and continue alternating the direction. This helps to nest the seams when you join the rows together.

8. Sew the rows right sides together, making sure to line up where the seams meet for a neat finish.

9. Adhere wadding to the back of the panel using a glue spray (the wadding may be slightly bigger to allow for movement when quilting.) Sew quilt lines onto the panel. I’ve sewn ¼” inside each blue chevron.

Sewing the back -

10. Hem one long side of each backing piece of fabric by folding the edge over twice by ¼” and sewing in place.

11. Place the two backing pieces right sides together to the front of the cushion cover, making sure the 2 hemmed edges overlap in the middle of the cushion. Sew around all 4 sides. Snip off the corners inside the seams.

12. Turn the cushion right side out and insert the cushion pad!

Project created by Kimberley Hind. Fabric commissioned by The Craft Cotton Company


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