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Sew Stackable Storage Boxes - Beginner Sewing Tutorial

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Storage boxes are so handy to have around the home. They are perfect for babies or kids’ bedrooms for storing nappies, toiletries or toys, or have them in your living room for keeping knickknacks tidy. You could even use them as decorative plant pots! I’ve used Vlieseline Decovil 1 for my boxes as this gives them structure, making them more hard wearing. For this method, it’s best to use a non-directional print so that the designs aren’t facing the wrong way once they are made.

Farbic featured –

Billie Bah Craft Cotton from Dunelm

Oslo Craft Cotton in Grey from Dunelm

What you’ll need for one large box:

64cm square Outer fabric

64cm square Lining fabric

Sturdy, single sided stabiliser – Decovil

Basting spray (optional)

1. Cut 5 20cm squares of stabiliser.

2. Lay 3 squares in a row and 2 either side to form a cross shape on the back of the outer piece of fabric. Cut around this shape leaving a ¼” seam allowance.

Optional- Use basting spray to keep the square in place as you cut.

3. Fuse the stabiliser to the fabric by turning the shape over and ironing from the fabric side.

4. Use this shape to cut out a lining piece to the same size.

5. TIP- You will have eight squares of approx. 8” spare to make more projects such as cosmetic bags or use for patchwork!

6. Bring the sides of the box right sides together and sew alongside the stabiliser.

7. Repeat with the lining, this time leave a turning gap in one side of about 10cm in one of the sides.

8. Turn the outer box the right side out.

9. Drop the outer box inside the lining, right sides together and matching seams. Sew around the top.

10. Turn the right side out, sew the turning gap closed.

11. Push the lining inside the box and press. Edge stitch around the top to neaten.

The smaller box is made in the same way but using 15cm squares.

Fabric commission from The Bee Fabric Co and Dunelm to create this project


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