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How to Sew your Own Reversible Cushion Covers Using Fat Quarters: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Updated: Jan 14

These simple scatter cushions are great for adding colour to your living room or bedroom. They have an invisible zip in the bottom so that you can use both sides, making them more versatile. This tutorial can be adapted to fit any size cushion you’d like, just increase the measurements to fit the size you’d like!

I’ve used the Tropical Metallics 5-piece fat quarter pack from The Craft Cotton Company for these cushion covers. I’ve added a gold tassel trim to compliment the gold metallic prints, giving them a tropical bohemian feel.

What you’ll need for one 32cm cushion:

32cm square Cushion pad

2 x Fat quarters

20cm Invisible zip

Invisible zipper foot (if possible)

70cm Decorative trim (optional)


1. Cut two squares of fabric each measuring 2cm larger than your cushion pad. Your invisible zip is sewn in before the seams are sewn.

Place the zip centrally over the bottom of one piece of fabric and sew, use an invisible zipper foot on your sewing machine for best results. Start at the top of the zip, just under the stopper so that the end of the zip is left unsewn. Sew the other half of the zip to the bottom of the second fabric in the same way.

TIP- use the left-over pieces for smaller projects!

2. Fold the two pieces right sides together. Sew the seam from the edges of the fabric to meet the stitch line over the zip.

3. Add your trim, if using any, to each side of the cushion cover approx. 12cm from the bottom of each piece. Making sure they are in the same position on each side so that when the cover is finished the sides match.

4. Fold the two sides right sides together again and sew all the way round with a 1cm seam allowance leaving the zip open. Snip across the corners.

5. Turn the right side out and insert your cushion pad.

Fabric commissioned by The Craft Cotton Company for this project


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